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Settings related to elevation information for graph building.

keytypedescriptiondefault value
preprocessedbooleanToggles reading of OSM ele node tags on and off. If enabled, graphhoppers' elevation lookup is prevented and all nodes without ele tag will default to 0. Intended to be used in combination with the ORS preprocessorfalse
cache_clearbooleanKeep elevation data once it has been downloadedfalse
providerstringThe name of an elevation provider. Possible values are multi, cgiar or srtmmulti
cache_pathstringThe path to a directory in which SRTM tiles will be stored./elevation_cache
data_accessstringDefines how a DataAccess object is created.
- MMAP: memory mapped storage
- RAM_STORE: in-memory storage with a safe/flush option. Can be used for small areas
Further info in the source code