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Engine properties are required at graph-build time during startup.


If you specified profile_default settings they might not be taken into account! This will be fixed in the next patch release. As a workaround, you can move all profile_default settings to the specific profile where you need them to work.

keytypedescriptiondefault value
init_threadsnumberThe number of threads used to initialize (build/load) graphs. Higher numbers requires more RAM1
preparation_modebooleanIf set, graphs and preparations will be build, but the application will shut down immediately afterwards without starting up any servicesfalse
source_filestringThe OSM file to be used, supported formats are .osm, .osm.gz, and .pbfors-api/src/test/files/heidelberg.osm.gz
graphs_root_pathstringThe root path to a directory for storing graphs./graphs
graphs_data_accessstringDefines how a DataAccess object is created.
- MMAP: memory mapped storage
- RAM_STORE: in-memory storage with a safe/flush option.
Further info in the source code
elevationobjectSee elevation properties
profile_defaultobjectDescribed in profile properties
profilesobjectDescribed in profile properties