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Error Codes

HTTP Status Codes

The following table describes the supported HTTP status codes.

HTTP Status CodeDescription
200Standard response for successfully processed requests.
400The request is incorrect and therefore can not be processed.
404The end point is not available, or a given request completed successfully but found no results.
405The specified HTTP method is not supported. For more details, refer to the Endpoint documentation.
413The request is larger than the server is able to process, the data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.
500An unexpected error was encountered and more detailed internal error code is provided (see Internal Error Codes).
501Indicates that the server does not support the functionality needed to fulfill the request.
503The server is currently unavailable due to overload or maintenance.

Internal Error Codes

The following sections describes the list of possible internal error codes that might be provided by different ORS Endpoints.

Routing API

Error CodeDescription
2000Unable to parse JSON request.
2001Required parameter is missing.
2002Invalid parameter format.
2003Invalid parameter value.
2004Parameter value exceeds the maximum allowed limit.
2006Unable to parse the request to the export handler.
2007Unsupported export format.
2008Empty Element.
2009Route could not be found between locations.
2010Point was not found.
2011Incompatible parameters.
2012Unknown parameter.
2013Entry not reached.
2014Exit not reached.
2015Entry not reached.
2016No route between entry and exit found.
2017Maximum number of nodes exceeded.
2099Unknown internal error.

Isochrones API

Error CodeDescription
3000Unable to parse JSON request.
3001Required parameter is missing.
3002Invalid parameter format.
3003Invalid parameter value.
3004Parameter value exceeds the maximum allowed limit.
3005Requested feature is not supported.
3006Unable to parse the request to the export handler.
3007Unsupported export format.
3008Empty Element.
3011Unknown parameter.
3012Parameter value exceeds the minimum allowed limit.
3099Unknown internal error.


Error CodeDescription
4000Invalid JSON object in request.
4001Category or category group ids missing.
4002Geometry is missing.
4003Bounding box and or geojson not present in request.
4004Buffer is missing.
4005Geometry length does not meet the restrictions.
4006Unsupported HTTP method.
4007GeoJSON parsing error.
4008Geometry size does not meet the restrictions.
4099Unknown internal error.

Matrix API

Error CodeDescription
6000Unable to parse JSON request.
6001Required parameter is missing.
6002Invalid parameter format.
6003Invalid parameter value.
6004Parameter value exceeds the maximum allowed limit.
6006Unable to parse the request to the export handler.
6007Unsupported export format.
6008Empty Element.
6010Point not found.
6011Unknown parameter.
6020Maximum number of visited nodes exceeded.
6099Unknown internal error.

Export API

Error CodeDescription
7000Unable to parse JSON request.
7001Required parameter is missing.
7002Invalid parameter format.
7003Invalid parameter value.
7004Unknown parameter.
7005Mismatched input.
7006Unsupported export format.
7099Unknown internal error.

Snapping API

Error CodeDescription
8000Unable to parse JSON request.
8001Required parameter is missing.
8002Invalid parameter format.
8003Invalid parameter value.
8004Unknown parameter.
8006Unsupported export format.
8010Point not found.
8099Unknown internal error.