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Requests and Return Types

Direction Requests

There are four POST directions requests that all accept the same request body and differ only in the result types, specified by the last path parameter:

POST /v2/directions/{profile}            <- returns JSON
POST /v2/directions/{profile}/json
POST /v2/directions/{profile}/geojson
POST /v2/directions/{profile}/gpx

Additionally, there is one simple GET request that does not allow advanced request options. It returns GeoJSON:

GET  /v2/directions/{profile}            <- returns GeoJSON

Return Types


The JSON return type is best suited for further processing.


The GPX return type is an XML dialect from openrouteservice based on the GPS Exchange Format with an own XML Schema. It is a very old standard for lightweight interchange of GPS data and thus being used by hundreds of software programs and Web services.


GeoJSON is a format for encoding a variety of geographic data structures, see It is widely used and can therefore be easily processed or displayed in many applications, e.g. in QGIS or on

More information about the result types can be found in the API Playground.