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Geocoder Endpoint


This endpoint is not part of the openrouteservice, but of our public API. It is not available when running an own instance of openrouteservice.

The Geocoder Endpoint of our public API is served by a Pelias instance. It resolves geographic coordinates to addresses and vice versa.

Our public API exposes these endpoints:

  • Forward Geocode Service: In the simplest search, you can provide only one parameter, the text you want to match in any part of the location details. To do this, build a query where the text parameter is set to the item you want to find.
  • Geocode Autocomplete Service: This type-ahead functionality helps users find what they are looking for, without requiring them to fully specify their search term. Typically, the user starts typing and a drop-down list appears where they can choose the term from the list below.
  • Structured Forward Geocode Service: Structured geocoding can improve how the items in your query are parsed and interpreted in a search by defining search terms for specific fields like address, postalcode etc. (⚠️ This endpoint is beta.)
  • Reverse Geocode Service: Reverse geocoding is used for finding places or addresses near a latitude, longitude pair — like clicking on a map to see what's there.

For more insights please refer to the Pelias Documentation.