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Status Endpoint


This endpoint is not available in the public API, but you can use it when running an own instance of openrouteservice.

The GET request http://localhost:8082/ors/v2/status (host and port are dependent on the setup) returns basic information about the running instance:

  • languages: available languages
  • engine: the build date and version of the openrouteservice
  • profiles: available routing profiles, info about storages and configured limits
  • services: activated services
This is an example response:
    "languages": [
    "engine": {
        "build_date": "2023-12-15T14:31:27Z",
        "version": "8.0"
    "profiles": {
        "profile 1": {
            "storages": {
                "WayCategory": {
                    "gh_profile": "car_ors_fastest_with_turn_costs"
                "HeavyVehicle": {
                    "gh_profile": "car_ors_fastest_with_turn_costs"
                "WaySurfaceType": {
                    "gh_profile": "car_ors_fastest_with_turn_costs"
                "RoadAccessRestrictions": {
                    "gh_profile": "car_ors_fastest_with_turn_costs",
                    "use_for_warnings": "true"
            "profiles": "driving-car",
            "creation_date": "",
            "limits": {
                "maximum_distance": 100000,
                "maximum_waypoints": 50,
                "maximum_distance_dynamic_weights": 100000,
                "maximum_distance_avoid_areas": 100000
    "services": [