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Settings for the matrix endpoint.

keytypedescriptiondefault value
enabledbooleanEnables or disables the end-pointtrue
attributionstringAttribution added to the response, OpenStreetMap contributors
maximum_routesnumberMaximum amount of routes the matrix should compute; e.g. the value of 2500 could correspond to a 50x50 matrix or 1x2500 matrix2500
maximum_routes_flexiblenumberMaximum amount of routes for profiles that do not have the CH routing algorithm enabled25
maximum_visited_nodesnumberMaximum allowed number of visited nodes in shortest path computation100000
maximum_search_radiusnumberMaximum allowed distance in meters between the requested coordinate and a point on the nearest road2000
u_turn_costnumberPenalty of performing a U-Turn; the value of -1 prevents them entirely-1