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Extra Info

When requesting routes, there are a number of "extra info" items that can be requested to give you more information about the route. This info could be things like the road surface, track type, or OpenStreetMap way ID. The list below details which extra info items are available for each profile in the routing provided by

ParameterDescriptionCode Information
steepnessProvides information about how steep parts of the route areSteepness IDs
suitabilityHow suitable the way is based on characteristics of the route and the profile1 (unsuitable) - 10 (very suitable)
surfaceThe surface covering along the routeSurface IDs
waycategorySpecific categories of parts of the route (tollways, highways, fords etc.)Category IDs
waytypeTypes of roads and paths that are used in the routeType IDs
tollwaysAny tollways that the route crosses. Whether a way is marked as tollway depends on profile0 (no tollway) or 1 (tollway)
traildifficultyThe difficulty of parts of the way based on sac or mountainbike scalesDifficulty IDs
osmidThe OpenStreetMap way IDs of the ways the route uses
roadaccessrestrictionsInformation about ways that may have access restrictions (e.g. private roads, destination only)Restrictions IDs
countryinfoWhich country parts of the way lies inCountry IDs
greenHow "green" the parts of the route are (influenced by things like number of trees, parks, rivers etc.)0 (minimal greenspace) - 10 (a lot of green space)
noiseHow noisy the parts of the route are (influenced by things like proximity to highways)0 (quiet) - 10 (noisy)

Extra Info Availability