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Structured Geocoding Query

A structured geocoding request is more precise than a normal one. It is also very useful for querying locations from tables. For a structured request insert a JSON Object with at least on of the following parameters into the query parameter of the geocoding request:

Parameter Description
address Can contain a full address with house number or only a street name
neighbourhood Vernacular geographic entities that may not necessarily be official administrative divisions but are important nonetheless
borough Mostly known in the context of New York City, even though they may exist in other cities, such as Mexico City
locality Name of a City
county Administrative division between localities and regions
region Normally the first-level administrative divisions within countries, analogous to states and provinces in the United States and Canada, respectively, though most other countries contain regions as well
postalcode A postalcode
country Name of a country. Supports two- and three-letter abbreviations


  "address": "Berliner Straße 45",
  "locality": "Heidelberg",
  "country": "Germany",
  "postalcode": "69120"

Uglyfied and encoded:

%7B"address": "Berliner Straße 45","locality": "Heidelberg","country": "Germany","postalcode": "69120"%7D